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Story about a ghostly reference librarian who haunts her former workplace. When I die, I sure hope I'm not stuck in this place! The story was a tad disappointing, though I loved the illustrations. I do enjoy the idea of a librarian ghost haunting the library, trying to answer that last unanswered reference question. Librarians would do that. What I didn't like was the way Ms. Mims, the current librarian, answered the questionvia the internet. I'm not certain a riddle can be answered that way. An entertaining tale but not satisfying. This book was okay. As a librarian also I want an explanation on why I leave the place tidy and when I get there in the morning it is a mess. I want it to be ghost but in my case I think they are called "two year old's"

This story is about how the books get a messed up at night...of course it was the book ghost, the old dead and gone librarian whose portrait was on the wall...from the afterlife she still seeking answers in books...until the 'alive' librarian helps her and also introduces her to the world wide web. Who knew you could surf the web in the afterlife?!?! :D This lyric story invokes all the wonder and magic of a library at night. Told in a wonderful rhyming rhythmic tone, this is a shoein for storytime! The library is a mess each morning and a librarian decides to stay over night to see what is causing such mayhem and discovers that the library has a ghost. The Library Ghost is an old librarian who is obsessed with answering questions! With the current librarian helping her, she finds a place helping out with storytime! The kids will like it just because there's a ghost. I did like the illustrations. The story (about a librarian who couldn't "let go" of her job) just didn't do anything for me. Written in verse, this is the story of a librarian that has reached her wit's end with a night time intruder that is messing up her shelves. So, she takes matters into her own hands only to discover that the ghost of the former reference librarian is unable to find the information she needed to answer a riddle for a patron and that happily she is able to help that librarian find her solution. A very pleasant ghost story, one that I'm sure people will enjoy. The rhyming was sometimes forced. The ending was not extremely satisfying. The rhyme is a bit halting in places so you definitely have to read with the correct cadence but the story was fun and a good readaloud for young ones. Published in 2008, this is about about Ms. Mimms the librarian can't figure out why each night the library is ransacked. She figures out there is a library ghost going through all the books asking questions of all the characters. She finally figures out that it is the old reference librarian's ghost and she plans to stay!
Themes are ghost stories and other fairy tales. This is a great read aloud easy going ghost story! Teachers can have the students identify all of the characters mentioned in the book and from which fairy tale they came from. Ages 5 and up. ^READ E-PUB ⇛ The Library Ghost ⇨ Library Ghost Ghostbusters Wiki The The Library Ghost Also Known As The Grey Lady, Gray Lady, Librarian Ghost, The Librarian Was The Ghost Of Librarian Eleanor Twitty And The Very First Ghost That The Ghostbusters Encountered She Appears To Be A Very Odd Reader As She Likes To Stack Books Up In The Air The Library Ghost And Happy REGARDS Life Within ParoleThe Library Ghost Where The Emerald Bar Is Parole S Resistance Headquarters, If You Need A Warm Bed And A Safe Haven, You Head To The Library There S One Problem People Say It S Haunted But Like Most Things In Parole, The Truth Is Both Stranger And Sweeter Than Fiction EBook Avec Kobo By Fnac Library Ghost Villains Wiki FandomThe Library Ghost By Carole Boston Weatherford The Library Is A Mess Each Morning And A Librarian Decides To Stay Over Night To See What Is Causing Such Mayhem And Discovers That The Library Has A Ghost The Library Ghost Is An Old Librarian Who Is Obsessed With Answering Questions With The Current Librarian Helping Her, She Finds A Place Helping Out With Story Time Flag Like See Review The Library Ghost Book,WorldCat At Night, A Ghost Visits The Library To Find The Answer To A Riddle The Library Ghost And Happy REGARDS By RoAnna The Library Ghost And Happy REGARDS Book Readreviews From The World S Largest Community For Readers These Two Chameleon Moon Short Stories, Both F The Ghost Of The LibraryWEBTOON The Ghost Of The Library, Episodeof Black Horda In WEBTOON Fantasy Drama Action Mystery Romance HorrorHave You Ever Thought About Our World Being A Little Bigger Than It Seems To Be What If There Is A Special Part That Is Hidden Behind A Great Barrier The Library The Library FandomlignesThe Library Exists In An Alternate Dimension It Is Said To Have Been Builtthan Two Willard Library Ghost Cams Willard Library Ghost Cams The Lady In Grey The Victorian Building Is A Beautiful, Gothic Masterpiece That Is Home To A Vibrant Library Of Artistic And Cultural Artifacts It S Also Home To A Spiritual Presence, An Apparition, A Veiled Lady In Grey A Haunting A Ghost