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Exciting world background, poorly written story. Futuristic Warfaregreat Science fiction. if i didn t like the mutant chronicles setting so much i would never have damaged my brain by absorbing the text of this crap the proofreader apparently went on vacation at some point, as sentences such as They all switched on their helmet lamps, throwing angled beams jerkily in every direction at the stained, filthy of the walls of the tunnels by the motion of climbing down the ladder periodically pop out.to give you an idea what this book holds in store for you, in the first few chapters a retired street samurai hears rumors from a friend that the president might get attacked within 3 pages he is in the president s office dispatching assassins the president immediately recruits the protagonist to take on a new mission, and gives him an unlimited line of credit he then tells the hero that any further communications should be done through the credit line.it was at this point that my friend threw the book across the room if only i d done the same. ^Free Epub ↝ In Lunacy: Apostle of Insanity Trilogy (Mutant Chronicles, #1) ↷ DoomTroopers Mystics Heretics NecroMutants The Inhabitants Of A World Never Seen Until Now Combining Military Technology With A Stunning Future World Landscape Where Megacorporations Vie For Power On Earth And On Other Planets, Mutant Chronicles Will Be Cross Promoted With The Boardgame Launched This Summer