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I read about 3 4 of this book, and enjoyed it, BUT, it was one of those books I ve unfortunately been reading a lot of, lately, in which, I enjoy the book in spite of its mediocrity, and feel like, a lot of what I enjoy is the nostalgia, or bits that I m bringing to the novel as a reader I love the premise of this series The stories follow Cece Caruso a woman who writes biographies about famous mystery writers or movie directors and gets caught up in real life mysteries which imitate art.I also thought it would be interesting to read a mystery in which the protagonist lives in my hometown area of Los Angeles So, I wanted to like Cece Caruso, and I wanted to like the atmospherebut in the end, Cece s personality had too much of what I find embarrassing and shallow about Los Angeles Also, although I found the mystery itself initially interesting, it became increasingly bizarre and improbable, so that, ultimately, the hallucinatory impulsive random quality of the story made me lose interest as a reader Looked at in apositive light, I can see that perhaps author Susan Kandel was trying to create a Hitchcockian effect in her writingbut it didn t work for me Would I read another book by this author Well, I was interested in Not a Girl Detective, in which Cece Caruso writes about Catherine Keene, the author ghostwriter of the Nancy Drew mysteries I read the sample for this installment in the series, and again, sort of felt like it was a fun idea which was not being written to its full potential. Book 5May 21 22Loony Vintage Charm Dial H for Hitchcock appeared to be an enjoyable read with interesting turns and tons of humour, which had nothing to do with Hitchcock though, except mentioning some facts about his life and work In terms of style and breathtaking plot twists which were Hitchcock s hallmark, this novel, in my opinion, doesn t live up to Hitchcock s high standard.Logline After she watches Vertigo in the cinema, the main heroine, Cece Caruso, finds a cell phone in her purse which doesn t belong to her She receives a call on the phone, a stranger asks her to come to a certain place But when Cece arrives there, she witnesses a murder and gets under suspicion herself.While the twists are really Hitchcock style, this novel is too feminine for my liking There s too much focus on the description of clothes, whole paragraphs in every chapter describe Cece s obsession with vintage attires, which is an interesting fetish, of course, but I found it annoying New York Times Book Review says While Cece s vintage clothing fetish gives her a certain loony charm, it doesn t get in the way of her genuine talents as a sometime sleuth Well, who am I to argue with New York Times Book Review Onethought expressed by New York Times Book Review is that Susan Kandel, the author, takes mystery seriously However, what it seemed to me is that the humour sprinkled here and there throughout the book disrupted the eerie atmosphere the author was trying to create Hitchcock was suspenseful and eerie, Kandel is not Don t get me wrong, I liked the humour, but it killed the eerie aspect of the book promised to the reader Judge it yourself Here s one example of humorous description of a sale s assistant It was the largest Afro I d ever seen, especially on someone white It must ve measured a foot in every direction I wondered what happened when he tried to get into a car He probably took the bus Hilarious, right The whole book is steeped in such a humorous take of Cece on the surroundings So, if you want something really Hitchcock eerie style, I d probably recommend the TV show Bates Motel Dial H for Hitchcock is a cozy read, mostly for women, because I don t believe men will be fascinated with all those little black dress except it s navy descriptions of Cece s gowns.I had a little confusion concerning the year when the story happens When I started reading, I was almost sure those were sixties ish, but then the main heroine took out her cell phone There were no indications in the text itself to mislead me, but things revolving around Hitchcock and this retro stuff Cece wears made me think it all was about sixties.There was a funny inconsistence when Cece takes photos of her car with her cell phone after she gets rear ended, but then she exchanges phone numbers with the man who hit her car written on some patches of paper as if forgetting that they have cell phones Seriously, who writes their phone numbers on paper in the era of cell phones It felt like the author got confused by her own wish to write about sixties and her need to write about modern times.All in all, Dial H for Hitchcock is a nice and easy read which I d recommend to those who are looking for a cozy detective story for a long travel,likely women than men Publishers Weekly call the main heroine witty and perky female sleuth , which I absolutely agree with It is not the first book about Cece Caruso, so, if you are going to read this series, you should start from I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason , although every book about this detective is a separate and independent story.If you want to follow my reading challenge, follow my page on Goodreads Will be happy to see you there Another book picked up based on the cover Another series started in the middle Another good find While I may appreciate the rich detail of the fashions and accessories that the protagonist wears and describes, I will never be a 40ish divorced female author with an adult daughter, son in law and grandchildren However, I am a big mystery buff and given that the character is an author who writes about great makers of mystery detection, that is enough to get her my empathy and attention.The plot of this book is convoluted and our heroine is flung around emotionally and logically Why this is a bit confusing for the majority of the book, it all comes clean in the end Heck, it is a book about Hitchcock after all and it has a nice denouement in the manner of many good mysteries So, bear with the author if you can and enjoy the tale.Once I finished it I discovered that the author sets each tale in the realm style history of one of the great writers or in this case filmmaker of mystery, suspense, or detection So, I am looking forward to reading the entire set, starting with the first book about Erle Stanley Gardner Sure it s light fiction, but it is colorful, full of great tidbits about fashion, style and LA, and interesting Pick up a copy and decide for yourself. My one word review is, Huh I am not sure why I even finished this one I enjoyed most of this series as fluffy mystery brain candy, but this book starts in left field and keeps rolling like an unchecked grounder The only thing that made less sense than the plot twists was the end Skip it and read her first few instead Hope Kandel gets back on track. This book started strong and fizzled About mid way it stopped making sense at all Why didn t Cecelia simply go to the police with the cell phone threat proof And why did she run away to begin with The world will never know. Cece writes biographies, and next up is Alfred Hitchcock Kendal has written a book worthy of that devious prankster, with Cece running for her life after witnessing a murder And there s no Gambino on whom to call, as Cece has broken their engagement This book was published in 2009 and seems to be the last in this series A shame, but plan to try Kendal s Dream A Little series. .FREE DOWNLOAD ♳ Dial H for Hitchcock: A Cece Caruso Mystery ☥ The Indomitable Cece Caruso Is Back In Susan Kandel S Dial H For Hitchcock The Vintage Clothes Enthusiast, Biographer Of Masters Of Mystery, And Amateur Sleuth Who Has Flourished Her Skills In Christietown And I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason Now Tackles A Murderous Puzzle Full Of Twists, Turns, And Mistaken Identities Worthy Of Maestro Hitchcock Himself Readers Will Be Spellbound By This Latest Investigation By Sometime Detective Cece, Whom Reviewers Have Called, Delightful Boston Globe And A Hoot Denver Rocky Mountain News True Mystery Fans Would Have To Be Psycho To Miss Dial H For Hitchcock I just read this for my Mystery Book Club It started out amusing all kinds of Hitchcock parallels but by the end I was ready for my next book. Clever homage to Hitchcock not as many great vintage clothes as usual. What a great story So many twists and turns Lots of humor as well