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Having read Enchanted Erotic Bedtime Stories For Women, I was expecting great retellings of classic fairy tales, but with an adult twist Instead, this volume seemedfocused on domination than on retelling the stories we all know and love In short, I was very disappointed. These erotic tales were just ok for me They were quick to read but not much plot and a little too far fetched for me. READ E-PUB ☧ Enchanted Dreams: Erotic Tales of the Superna ⚖ The Clever Mind Behind The Enchanted Series Is Back, Crafting Of The Fiercely Erotic And Darkly Sensual Stories That Have Become Synonymous With Her Name In This Most Recent Collection, Bestselling Author Nancy Madore Offers Up The Peculiar And Fantastic World Of The Paranormal, Where Erotic Fantasies Know No BoundsWithin These Seven Arousing Stories You Ll Discover How Wildly Promiscuous Fairies React When A Flesh And Blood Woman Stumbles Into Their Midst Why A Werewolf With A Sadistic Streak Finally Succumbs To Unexpectedly Dangerous Desire A Monster Hunt That Turns Into A Darkened Night Of Terror And Delight And How A Couple Manipulates Magic To Dominate And StimulateDon T Close Your Eyes You Won T Want To Miss A Single Moment The best paranormal or sexual fantasy stories transport the reader to an imaginary world which is parallel to this one recognizable in some ways, completely exotic in others Each of the seven stories in this diverse, single author collection seems to be based on an intriguing premise and each includes sex scenes that really seem to take place in another dimension However, not all the stories come equipped with the same amount of fuel, so to speak The thin line between What an amazing setting character sex scene and This is just too hokey is drawn differently by different readers, depending on how long we can each suspend our disbelief My own view of the world and my past experience of fantasy literature I was raised on A.A Milne, Lewis Carroll, Grimms and Anderson s fairy tales undoubtedly influence my responses.The opening story in this book, The Enchanted Forest, seems as beautifully heartbreaking at least on first reading as Hans Christian Anderson s The Little Match Girl, and for similar reasons A fairly typical modern woman, seeking relief from stress, goes on a camping trip alone, and finds exactly what she has dreamed of a natural environment that responds to her every wish and literally makes love to her Catherine, the heroine, is lovingly bound to a tree by sentient roots and branches There follows a consensual assault by flowers I kid you not which resembles a scene from The Nutcracker Suite She peered down between her legs and noticed that each and every bloom, while brushing cross her trembling nether lips, cleverly turned its face toward them and thrust out its heavily coated stamens for a thoroughly intimate kiss that doused her with their nectar This is only the first round.Catherine hears a high pitched sound and sees a mist moving in the sky When the mist approaches, she sees that it is a huge swarm of brilliantly colored butterflies who have arrived to finish what the flowers started Catherine stared with wide, disbelieving eyes as they each, in turns, feasted on the banquet that had been so painstakingly spread out before them Their activity tortured her in the most delightful way Remarkably, Catherine is able to survive on her own in the forest without any of the supplies she brought with her Memories of her past life fade over time, and she feels no desire to contact anyone or return to a job or an apartment.When she discovers something unexpected, the enchantment of the forest can be understood Is this story about an afterlife Read it and decide Disenchantment is a clever war between the sexes story in which a woman tells her date, apparently a nice enough guy, why men and women are not well suited to each other A woman s most fundamental need, at her core, explains Maryanne, is to be desirable She pauses for effect before explaining that everything men do after they have had sex with a woman for the first time is designed to diminish her belief that she is desirable Maryanne sums up I think it is an unconscious effort to ultimately destroy her desirability to other men The man takes her explanation as a challenge and decides to prove her wrong Will he be attentive to her for the rest of his life Is his attentiveness a sign that he is truly in love or that he is trying to prove her wrong Although the sex between them is completely mutual and romantic in its way, the two characters are clearly fighting a duel.The conclusion of this story is as brutal as the woman s theory It is both unforeseen by one of them and as predictable as the behavior of a predator in the wild.There is a vampire story in this collection, and it follows the popular heterosexual pattern of Dominant vampire male with submissive mortal female In this version, the woman has a reason to offer herself to the local vampire, whom she has been stalking for awhile She even has an elaborate plan for getting what she wants, a kind of topping from below strategy The story has a surprisingly happy ending, but the enchantment doesn t work for me Expecting is about the alien impregnation of Emilie, a woman who is happily married at the beginning of the story Her life is taken over by something almost indescribable which creates a credibility gap between her and everyone she knows, particularly her bewildered husband As in real life testimony about alien abductions, the sanity of the witness is in question Here is where the author s use of a distancing third person voice which expresses Emilie s consciousness really works There is objective evidence that something is happening in Emilie s body, but the reader can never be sure what to believe Emilie has dreams or experiences which combine intense fear of the alien, reptilian invader s and an expectation of intense pleasure She could never be fully prepared for the creeping, slithering, clinging feel of them, weighty and slick as they moved sluggishly over her The intrusiveness of their touch, so all at once eerie and repulsive, caused all of her senses to come startlingly alert Emilie comes to expect the intimate visits of beings she can barely see and whose motives she can only guess The superhuman pleasure they give her is palpable, and her sense of having been chosen for an important mission is perversely flattering However, like all such relationships whether the mortal woman is visited by a fairy, a shapeshifter, a demon, by aliens or the Angel Gabriel this one increasingly alienates Emilie from other human beings Flowers for Angela is a clever response to the award winning short story first published in 1959 , novel and numerous dramatizations of Flowers for Algernon, the tragic tale of a laboratory mouse Algernon and his fellow subject, Charlie, whose intelligence is manipulated by the mental health establishment.In Nancy Madore s story, Angela is a psychologist who becomes suspicious of her male colleague s methods when she is treating one of his former patients, a widow who can t seem to move past her relationship with her late husband The widow, who had first sought counselling because she and her husband were at odds, seemed to change abruptly from an independent thinker, who was not attracted to BDSM, to a devoted submissive who played the role of her husband s dog whenever they were alone together.Angela, as a career driven professional, is also predictably separated from her husband, who would prefer aappreciative wife The one thing Angela and her husband can agree on is that their current relationship not together but not yet divorced is uncomfortable for both Meanwhile, Angela decides to investigate her colleague under the guise of becoming his patient The outcome is disturbing, especially when Angela s colleague defends his methods in a male to male conversation with her husband.While this story could be interpreted as anti BDSM, it raises valid questions about marriage, two career relationships, women s rights, heterosexuality and the role of psychiatry and counselling in general in all of the above One of the author s most convincing supernatural male characters is Jimmy in the story by that name Like a teenage troublemaker who jimmies locks to steal other people s stuff, Jimmy is a kind of archetypal bad boy who is magnetically attractive to as well as attracted to the central character, Sara, who lives with her boyfriend Ray, an understanding guy with whom she is totally compatible except in bed Ray often climaxes before her and then falls asleep, not knowing that she is frustrated and too polite to tell him so Like other demon lovers, Jimmy can only possess those who want him on some level and Sara s frustration gives him the opening he needs Jimmy, as it turns out, tormented good guy Ray in life And after Jimmy s premature death, caused by one risk too many, he is not about to stop.The sex addiction that Jimmy can induce is vividly described, as is Sara s increasing desperation How do you fight off an incubus The answer to that question is elegantly simple, and Sara s good guy vs bad guy dilemma actually has a solution which does not force her to give up dirty, edgy, thrilling and satisfying sex to hang onto the normal pleasures of love, a job and a life that includes non sexual activities.Unfortunately, the author s exclusive focus on male female sex sometimes leads her into the shallow clich s of romance fiction In The Incentive Program, the concluding story, a computer expert named Georgia spends all her time on a program which predicts the future and which ultimately leads to actual time travel The end result of the combination of technology and government bureaucracy is that Georgia is able to identify with an alter ego, several centuries in the future, who becomes the cherished female partner of three men in a society in which women have become scarce Considering the space opera framework, the sexual adventures of Cassie, the alter ego, seem surprisingly bland The sex scenes would besuited to a contemporary romance novel about a woman and her male harem, in which she carefully divides her time among three good natured, barely distinguishable lovers.Enchanted Dreams is part of a series by Nancy Madore which includes Enchanted Erotic Bedtime Stories for Women, Enchanted Again and The Twelve Dancing Princesses The series seems to have a deserved cult following This author clearly has a way with paranormal subject matter She could be described as an enchantress who was born to cast spells, but whose power like electricity surges and wanes. No No, no, no, no, no While the concept of Enchanted Erotic Bedtime Stories for Women, an erotic retelling of Grimm s fairytales, was at least enticing, if not brilliantly executed, and Enchanted Again More Erotic Bedtime Stories for Women at least held some interesting passages, this one is just a no go area At times it is completely unrealistic a length of one foot and the size of a ripe plume, and the lady just sighs , at times it is utterly disgusting there is no need for a horror ending, this is supposed to turn you on, not off , and almost all of the time, it s utter drivel.And as if the lack of arousing writing in the erotic scenes which should be the highlight of an erotic novel wasn t bad enough, the author has to go and present women who are a total failure Either sex driven, or obsessed with pseudo psychological ideas that are nowhere near reality apparently all women want in life is to be desired all men want is to check the next beauty off the list , and all the time completely narcissistic Do yourself a favour, stop after the first one Do NOT pick up book two, and NEVER EVER pick up this third one EVER I loved the first short story in this book, It was my favourite, the rest of the book was okay.I probably would not recommend this as a very erotic novel but it was cute. There are seven erotic supernatural stories in this collection There s vampires, aliens, ghosts and even fairies involved in the stories If you re a fan of this genre, and like the supernatural, you ll probably enjoy this one Among my favorites were The Enchanted Forest, where a woman on a hike trips and bumps her head then wanders upon a beautiful section of the forest where nothing is what it seems I liked this first story in the collection, it was an erotic fairytale You can see this story depicted on the front cover of the book I also enjoyed Disenchantment, where a woman on a blind date finally meets the man of her dreams But when she explains how she feels about love and relationships, he sets out to prove her wrong This one had a creepy twist at the end that I had no idea was coming I also liked Dying For It, where a shy woman falls in love with a vampire The other stories are Expecting, Flowers for Angela, Jimmy and The Incentive Program This was an interesting collection because of the supernatural elements added to the stories I really didn t like Expecting too much, mainly because i m afraid of aliens and don t ever see how they can be added to an erotic story But for the most part, I found this to be a good collection.see my full review herehttp 201 This book only gets two stars because of how much I enjoyed the last story The Incentive Program Otherwise I want to warn women that Nancy Madore must hate you The second story Disenchantment fucked up my head It was the unhappiest story I ve ever read I was on a trip with my fiance while I was reading this, and instead of setting the mood as I had hoped, he ended up with a neurotic mess on his hands the whole weekend The other stories are okay, but if you read this book, just skip the second story it s full of brain ninjas. I think my definition of what stories genres characters count as supernatural greatly differs from Madore s definition view.I m too rushed to write a full review now, but needless to say, I was pretty WHAT while reading this book and when telling my friends about the stories in here, they were going Oh, my God, Izzy I m sure it fits other people s preferences, just not mine Which is kind of unfortunate because I had better luck with her previous collection.Spoilers ahead BIG FAT HONKIN SPOILERS Edit Enchanted Forest So Catherine stumbles upon a magical, lush forest And the sex ends up being with a tree rootthat release a sap that acts as a lubricant Also, stamensin a plantNo, not my type of storyDisenchantment Maryanne meets up with Dan, in a blind date kind of way She releases her philosophy about relationships, which was an interesting read I disagree with it, generally even I m not that pessimistic or cynical about relationships She ends up being a praying mantis in female form and ends up killing the man at the end of the story Buuut the earlier sex scene where she doesn t kill him was a safe read.Dying For It Before I got to this story I was going Oh, my God, I was thinking supernatural as in witches, vampires, shapeshifters, not magical tree roots and praying mantises Well, voila, vampire story Ana stalks Vincent, the vampire for a while before he finally notices her She saw him seducing and having sex with one of his earlier victims so that was an interesting sex scene So they do end up having sex and when she s going down on him oh, hey, she pierces the big fat vein in his cock with her incised tooth and drinks his blood OHMYGOD It totally brings to a new dimension to the warning watch for your teeth when you re going down on a guy I broke out laughing so hard while reading this part But, happy ending Expecting Pregnant woman Alien abduction Aliens with, you guessed it, tentacles Oh, God It s a rather sad story, overall, though, she doesn t adjust well to the pregnancy andyeahthis story definitely didn t have a happy ending.Flowers for Angela What Sois this the story described on the back cover and how a man masters the power of suggestion to dominate and stimulate Uhmno In this setting, it seems rathercoercive and manipulative It was an unnerving read Jimmy A GHOST Yeah, Sara goes to a seance, then when she comes back from the night, she ends up having a ghost after her Jimmy, the ghost, is not nice and Sara gets addicted to the ghost sex andyeah Happy ending, though A bit corny but happy Incentive Program Another story that made me laugh Basically, Georgia is a scientist working on a computer program that predicts the future, so long as current information is fed into it There s one line I had a big beef about Our program has been fed every kind of statistical data on humans and human behavior that you can imagine, going back four hundred years We ve included statistics that cover all aspects of human life, from cultural, to economical, to psychological tendencies and behaviors In addition, we ve trained the program to configure the logical progression of human existence based on this data Literally, we have given the program an education in human behavior that would be the equivalent of about two hundred scientists with doctorates in everything from psychology to sociology pg 264 in everything from psychology to sociology Most people use from to to express how broad in scope something is Psychology to sociology is not a big a jump, as say, psychology to anthropology would be, or even economics to biology MY GOD Sorry, just a nerve hit after putting together a proposal for an interdisciplinary major So this program is accelerated and it s now 2304 in the cyberworld Georgia is stuck on a figure s life, Cassie In the future it turns out females areeasily damaged by global warming and diseases caused by global warming so the ratio is all skewed It s dangerous for females to go out so the government decides to run the Incentive Program Enter a matching dating website that s government sanctioned Females enter alone, whereas males have the choice of either entering solo and being grouped randomly with other solo males, or males can join in an already formed group with their friends relatives Cassie and Craig brother , Steve best friend and Peter get to talking Eventually they meet up and sex ensues It s not all of them at once with her, but she goes to them separately Remember Georgia is watching her life through the program So we get two sex scenes with Craig and Steve, but Peter just gets a ravished thrown in because Georgia s suddenly so hot and bothered Apparently the presentation on the computer program caught the eye of the scientific community and they get letters from other scientists One group of them says they re working on time travel, and ZOMG, Georgia s hot for that idea cause she wants to go the future and find the Incentive Program HOT DAMN Okay, I know my tone is high on the mocking scale I m justwell, first off, I don t like that Peter got completely gypped out of a scene with Cassie for the audience s perspective I think Madore could have written one for him, with his own personality and style after the two differing ones for Craig and Steve SecondlyOkaywhat I know Madore chose to have females die off in the future to set up a multiple males one female scene in a setting where females wouldn t be viewed as slut for doing so, but STILL Also, Georgia, there are places in the now that would offer you such opportunities Fetish clubs, people use AdultFriendFinder or CraigsList or other Internet sites I mean, okay, maybe you won t find a group of men who are also friendly with each other and completely okay with sharing a woman that easily and Cassie loves Craig, Steve and Peter equally since communes like that don t really exist any, or they re really rare now, butstillSoI don t know if the stories here really would be considered supernatural in other people s opinions The last one hit me of science fiction or something I had high hopes for this book, which I suppose made my disappointment evenbiting and intense Her debut Enchanted Erotic Bedtime Stories for Women I liked But they were fairy re tellings and not thatbizarre She has another collection out Enchanted Again More Erotic Bedtime Stories for Women It s about retelling nursery rhymes Maybe it wouldn t as disturbing to read as this collection Mind altering drugs were used in the making of this bookthat s the disclaimer that should be printed on the very first page of Enchanted Dreams SPOILERS BELOW The first story Enchanted Forest especially says psychedelic because no sane person would use a tree root as a dildo Or plants Or flowers Or let butterflies lick ahem down there I suppose you could say she s making love to nature The end gives a possible explanation is it her afterlife Her heaven Not what I was expecting when the title readsTales of the SupernaturalFar out, man peace sign 1 star. Disenchantment Cannibalism Not Sexy And I never want to meet anyone who thinks it is Ever watched that Preying Mantis episode of Buffy Well, this was that but with an added discussion on why relationships are so dysfunctional and the gender dynamics and behaviours at work which was interesting I enjoyed it right up until the eating of human flesh 4 stars. Dying For It One of thenormal stories with a voyeuristic terminally ill human stalking the predatory vampire Her teeth though, I could never imagine doing that to myself, I consider it self mutilation 3 stars. Expecting Aliens, abortion and mental illness Kind of depressing but maybe because I choose to believe it wasn t real, it was all in her mind It was too weird and she was too paranoid for me to think otherwise 1 star. Flowers For Angela Creeped Me Out I d rather keep my free will than let myself be brainwashed and turned into a slave by my husband and psychothe rapist The violation of trust is staggering Also, the eating of dog food was nauseating Overall, just plain disturbing 2 stars Jimmy I really thought she d run off with Jimmy the incubus at first but he wasn t very considerate, which is exactly what I accused Ray of being I was wrong He was amazing once she confided in him 2 stars The Incentive Program Wow, after multiple WTF weird moments reading this book I never expected to find such a gem at the end I m with Georgia, get me into the future so I can join this programme just like Cassie did and meet my very own Craig, Steve and Peter I LOL d when Peter started reading Madore s first Enchanted book to Cassie I loved the Beauty and the Beast story he read So sweet 5 stars.For erotica I didn t find it terribly erotic Many times I felt like a child pointing and laughing at the strange goings on in this book Even when I was beginning to enjoy it, I had to pull myself back after a few stories when I learned that liking a character could mean their death or being turned into the villain of the piece I ll admit the canabalism threw me At that point I checked this book was actually listed as erotica because it made me thinkof horror erotic horror.The main theme running through the stories other than the supernatural or in this case crazy drugged out hallucinogenic tales was domination, control and the issue of consent The predator and the prey The dominant and the submissive The victim and the villain It wasn t always clear which characters were in which roles And it didn t matter whether they were male or female The aggressor could be either I m always very aware of gender roles when I read Madore s books she comes across as a feminist but not bra burning, man hating one and I find her ideas on them intriguing so even though I don t always rate her highly I m always interested in her work.