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I found the story of Tomaz Humar intresting, but the writing style was rahter poor This surprised me as I read Bernadette McDonald s Freedom Climbers a couple of years ago and thoroughly enoyed it. I am impressed by the spirit of the mountaineers It is not my first book about extreme climbers, and probably not the last I still try to grasp, what is their motivation, to understand the feeling that these climbs in such extreme conditions give them I do not think there is much understanding, just a fascination Amazingly, all speak of finding themselves on the mounting, their inner strenght and also that you need to be aligned spiritually, mentally and physically.Indeed an interesting world to travel too. This was not the typical mountaineering endurance I was expecting While I d heard of Tomaz before, I really didn t know much about him I was surprised to hear that he came from Slovenia, an area my mother s side of the family comes from The beginning of the book talks about his time growing up there, the war in Kosovo, the breaking up of the countries in that area taught me quite a bit I didn t know This part might not even register with someone not interested in the region, but I found it was one of my favorite parts of the book.Tomaz was a controversial climber He s most known for a climb of his where he became stranded in a snow cave had to be plucked off the mountain in a very dangerous high altitude helicopter rescue The rescue was controversial not only because of it pushing the limits of rescue the ethics of involving others to save him in a sport where doing it on your own is the expected, but because he used media to cover his climbs in realtime both the internet satellite calls into base camp Tomaz did become a national hero to many, but was also despised by many.The story also details how Tomaz was hurt not while climbing mountains, but while working on his house the story of his recovery As with Eat Run , I could relate to this quite a bit Another major topic was the struggle Tomaz had between his family the mountains.One thing I didn t like about the book was that it switched back forth between his time on the wall other Himalayan climbs With the plethora of Himalayan mountains out there their difficult names, I found this confusing I have to imagine someone who doesn t have any familiarity with the area might struggle.The book was also written by the same author as I ll Call You in Katmandu the Elizabeth Hawley Story , one that I d started, but not finished I ll likely go back to it now.Overall, if you re into mountaineering endurance stories, it s certainly one you should read. Odli na knjiga o legendarnem pokojnem slovenskem alpinistu, s predgovorom svetovno znanega alpinista Reinholda Messnerja.Avgusta 2005 je Toma Humar ujet prezebal v ledeni luknji 6300 metrov visoko v mogo ni Rupalski steni na Nanga Parbatu v Himalaji Sam je sku al po novi smeri preplezati najvi jo steno na svetu Po estih dneh mu je zmanjkalo hrane, iz rpanega in premo enega do ko e so ga zasipavali sne eni plazovi Ljudem po vsej zemeljski obli je zastajal dih bo to najbolj spektakularen re evalni podvig v zgodovini alpinizma Ali pa bo gora zahtevala smrtni davek pred o mi vsega sveta Napeta, ganljiva in navdu ujo a zgodba o loveku, za katerega dobi ivljenje resni en smisel ele z bli ino smrti. a very easy read about a man s passion for climbing Two weeks before finishing the book, he died climbing In the book he said, It isn t important how many times you fall but that you always stand up, continue and look forward into the future To be honest, without access to my notes, I can t remember that much detail of this book or the rescue, which is frustrating but I did read it years ago along with lots of other similar books I gave it three stars so it must have been a decent read Just wish I could sayabout it The story of this legendary mountaineer is fascinating of course, but I found the writing style to be quite mediocre. *FREE EBOOK ⇯ Tomaz Humar ☞ In August, , Toma Humar Was Trapped On A Narrow Ledge At , Feet On The Formidable Rupal Face Of Nanga Parbat He Had Been Attempting A New Route, Directly Up The Middle Of The Highest Mountain Face In The World Solo After Six Days He Was Out Of Food, Almost Out Of Fuel, And Frequently Buried By Avalanches Three Helicopters Were Poised For A Brief Break In The Weather To Pluck Him Off The Mountain Because Of The Audacity Of The Climb, The Fame Of The Climber, The High Risk Associated With The Rescue, And The Hourly Reports Posted On His Base Camp Website, The World Was Watching Would This Be The Most Spectacular Rescue In Climbing History Or A Tragic And Very Public Death In The Mountains Years Before, As Communism Was Collapsing And The Balkans Slid Into Chaos, Humar Was Unceremoniously Conscripted Into A Dirty War That He Despised, Where He Observed Brutal And Inhumane Atrocities That Disgusted Him Finally He Did The Unthinkable He Left And Finally Arrived Home In What Had Become A New Country Slovenia He Returned To Climbing, And Within Very Few Years, He Was Among The Best In The World Reinhold Messner, Among Others, Called Him The Most Remarkable Mountain Climber Of His Generation Amazing biography, amazing story about this extraordinary Slovenian alpinist Very inspiring I highly recommend it A page turner.