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~READ BOOK ☨ The Complete Idiots Guide to Natural Childbirth ♣ Thoughtful Planning So Mom And Her Supporters Are Ready When The Baby IsA Midwife Helps Expecting Mothers Decide How Natural They Want Their Labor To Be, What Birthing Methods Are Available, And The Type Of Professional They Want Present It Helps Women Weigh Factors, Prepare Mentally, Make Important Decisions, And Plan Ahead For Successful Delivery And Beyond Only Book Covering The Spectrum Of Natural Birthing Methods, And Has A Medical Authority S Vetting Expert Author Is A Certified Professional Midwife And Certified Hypno Birthing Childbirth Educator Covers All Aspects Of Natural Birthing, From Planning Before Women Become Pregnant Through Breastfeeding I picked this book up at the library because I was merely considering a natural childbirth, much less than halfway through I was convinced that natural childbirth is the route for me Just finished the book, and I d already like to re read it It s very informative, educational, and empowering Highly recommended to anyone even thinking of a natural childbirth Theyou learn, theconfident you will feel about your abilities to transcend what has become the norm in modern America get back to your roots as a woman and trust your body to do what it is designed to do give birth Overall, this book was extremely helpful for me to understand what is at stake with natural birthing, and plan my baby s birth accordingly I personally found chapters 17 and on to be most useful so I m glad I persisted in reading, as this book rubbed me the wrong way initially There were two main reasons for this 1 the tendency the author has to cite statistics without any link to actual studies and 2 her pretty Manichean stance against hospitals birthing centers Maybe these two things have to do with the fact that the version I read was written in 2009 and some progress has been made, both in citing sources in writing even for the layman, and in taking natural birthing into account in medical structures. I also REALLY liked the idiot s guide to natural childbirth She presents all sides to the issues and is just very uplifting and positive Basically, whatever you choose for your birththat s your choice Just know all sides of the issues and choose with all the information at your fingertips, but ultimately know that it is YOUR choice and if you choose to not use medication, here are some techniques to help you Also, just the constant reaffirmation that your body is made for this and it is totally possible to do it naturally, should you choose, and all the positive affirmations about labor and birth was just a fun read for me. I usually don t like the Dummies or Idiots type books, but this one was surprisingly helpful It was a quick read, went over a lot of what I already knew, but mostly helped me in preparing my birth plan It had advice for dealing with obstacles one may face regarding hospital procedures, but luckily I ve checked in with my birth center and these won t be problems in trying to have a natural birth Anyway, a useful library book Overall a good book What I liked about the book is how positive it was that a woman can have a natural childbirth My main dislikes was how much it pushed for the home birth experience , the negativity towards medical professionals and their claim that child birth can be Painless I am now expecting Number 5 and have never gone natural but I am this time around If there is one thing I know is that childbirth DOES hurt I just wanted help for coping strategies The book offers good insights and suggestions although I will not be applying it in its entirety. Clear, succinct, complete A satisfying overview of natural birth, encompassing hospital, birthing center, and homebirth settings A great launch point for further research.Written with intelligence, encouragement, and practicality A perfect orientation to all things relative to natural birth, from pregnancy through breastfeeding. Believe it or not, this was my favorite book about natural childbirth I received it as a sort of gag gift but it turned out to be extremely informative and helpful I d recommend it to anyone considering natural childbirth. I wanted to review techniques for laboring naturally, whether or not I actually was going to deliver naturally I was avoiding this book at first because it just seems so cliche, and maybe a little offensive I m not an idiot But as I was pulling books off the library shelf I just grabbed this one anyway I really liked how it was organized and fairly to the point Lots of pregnancy delivery books are kind of cheesy This one was fairly limited on the cheese it set forth a lot of important information without making cheesy jokes or sharing women s personal stories sometimes those can be nice, but mostly, I just wanted the info, I didn t care to hear Jenny s and Amanda s and Lindsey s etc birthing stories. Great overall information regarding birth without intervention I felt it was balanced, yet contained info and techniques not found in the most common pregnancy books Must read if even slightly considering natural childbirth approach.