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[ Free Kindle ] ♳ You Can Call Me Ryan ⚖ You Can Call Me Ryan Is Book One Of A Seven Part Series Called The Unity Of The Faith Series Unity Of The Faith Is A Concept Laid Out By The Apostle Paul In Ephesians ChapterThis Book Follows Ryan, AYear Old Bakery Chain Owner, Who Is Brought Back To God By A Series Of Hard To Ignore Events God Calls Ryan To Be A Modern Day Prophet And Member Of The Foretold , Army Of God As Prophesied In The Book Of Revelation God Helps Ryan Fix The Things That Ail Him In His Life That Ryan Didn T Even Understand Were Holding Him Back Ryan Tries To Emulate The Apostle Paul But Discovers He Is Something Altogether Different And God Gives Ryan The Opportunity To Lead A Modern Day Pentecost As The Apocalypse Begins David Campion Describes Himself As A Very Common Man Writing Has Always Been Somewhat Of A Hobby For Him And He Says That He Never Saw Himself As An Author Instead He Always Thought Of Himself As A Father, Husband And Friend First He Describes Himself As Privately Spiritual But Discovered A Love Of Writing As An Outlet For Expressing His Faith In God David S First Professional Writing Experience Came As A Member Of The United States Army As A Broadcast And Print Journalist He Has Permanent Veteran Status And Is Extremely Proud Of His Service To His Country David Says His Motives For Writing, Are From A Deep Felt Empathy For His Fellow Christians And Country That His Deepest Desires Are To See Christians Put Aside What Separates Them And Join Together In Their Common Love Of Christ And To Therefore Be Able To Return His Country To Being A True Christian Nation