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Mostly serious, sometimes horrific quite an interesting assortment I really loved Gerard Houarner s story She d Make a Dead Man Crawl , and I wonder why I ve not seen much mention of it from other people. A few of these fell kind of flat for me, but overall I found this to be a great collection Oddly, my favorite of the bunch was Lark Till Dawn, Princess the one about the drag queen I say oddly because it was probably the least creepy out of a group of stories that generally seemed to be going for hella creepy Instead it was campy, hilarious, and sweetly poignant And Legba A view spoiler Drag King AND ELVIS hide spoiler Great compilation Many stories really creeped me out I was glad to read it, and then glad to put it down. The introduction of Mojo Conjure Stories warns the reader to beware, to adorn their protective beads, to pocket their jujubags and sets the stage for the mystical anthology contained therein The novel, edited by Nalo Hopkinson, is comprised of nineteen short stories from noteworthy authors such as Steven Barnes, Tananarive Due, and Barbara Hambly All tales are colorful, creative, and rooted in mojo a tricky, powerful, and dangerous magic with a West African flavor.This is a diverse collection in that it traverses time to provide stories from the slave ships, the antebellum South, the Jim Crow era, the 1960 s and even present day Some stories are rooted in folklore, e.g Andy Duncan s Daddy Mention and the Monday Skull , while others address moral and societal issues such as incest, revenge, love, lust, and greed One of my favorites is Barbara Hambly s The Horsemen and The Morning Star in which plantation slaves garner strength and call upon their ancestor s gods to ride their weary backs to fight the master s resurrection of the devil to save one of their own Jarla Tangh s The Skinned references the recent Rowandan tragedy and delivers a powerful message against the backdrop of the modern American inner city Another noteworthy mention is Jenise Aminoff s Fate in which a mother with the gift of sight tries desperately to alter her son s destiny and pays a high price in the end.This reviewer found some stories a bitchallenging to follow than others, but believes there is enough variety in subject matter and writing style to satisfy even the most critical reader This book covered multiple dimensions of conjuring from using black magic to control spirits, outwitting the tricksters, initiating curses, belief in shape shifting to the making and manipulation of zombies It was an engaging and interesting read about a mystical and magical heritage One can surely gain hours of reading pleasure with this book. Short stories I like the idea oftenthan the execution Sometimes short story collections are hit and miss a few good ones and mostly bad ones I actually enjoyed a majority of stories in here The idea of Conjure is sorta spread to mean all African both diaspora and not belief systems Some aretraditional hoodoo, others Santeria, others take place directly in Africa The Daddy Mention story is awesome and I really liked Barbara Hambly s story, too. This is a colleciton of short fiction which touches on various aspects of vodou, African and African American folklore and magic The stories all have strikingly different takes on subjects such as shape shifters, spirit possession, loas deities in vodou , and folk magic Some of the stories are creepifying and others are hilarious A wonderful collection of short fiction There are one or two stories that aren t to my taste, but it s definitely worth purchasing. I ve chosen this highly entertaining and fascinating collection of short stories to my English literature and composition class reading list It s editied by a well known African American woman writer She s chosen well These stories teach you about some of the elements of Black culture while they entertain you with stories of mojo magic. All anthologies are uneven, but this is one of theconsistently good collections I ve found Contains some truly wonderful writing When the piece by Neil Gaiman is one of the weakest in the bunch, you re onto something good. Connected yet disconnected stories mixing and introducing spirit and mystery A good read and the short stories allow u to jump in and out ^Free E-pub ☙ Mojo: Conjure Stories ⇘ The Barnes Noble Review Mojo A Powerful, Disturbing Anthology Edited By Nalo Hopkinson That Explores The World Of Voodoo Contains Short Stories By Some Of The Biggest Names In Modern Fantasy, Including Neil Gaiman, Barbara Hambly, Steven Barnes, Andy Duncan, And Tananarive Due Although The Stories Explore The Myths And Legends Of Personal Magic, The Subject Matter Ranges Widely From African Warriors In The Holds Of Slave Ships To Abused Children Plotting Revenge To Drag Queens To The Undead Living In Affluent Closed Communities In Neil Gaiman S Bitter Grounds, An Anthropology Professor Is On His Way To A Conference In New Orleans To Present A Paper On The Legend Of The Haitian Coffee Girls, Undead Children Who Allegedly Went Door To Door Selling A Chicory Coffee Mixture Just Before The Dawn When His Car Breaks Down On A Backwoods Road, He Runs Into A Mysterious Samaritan Who Comes Into His Life For A Very Definite Reason The Introduction By Luisah Teish, A Popular Spiritualist And Author Of Jambalaya The Natural Woman S Book Of Personal Charms And Practical Rituals, Says It All Reader, Be Aware There S A Conjuring Going On You Are Being Lured, With The Turning Of Each Page, Into The Myth And Mystery Of Our DeepBlack Magical Heritage Unlike Many Anthologies, This Collection OfOriginal Stories Has No Weak Spots Every Tale Is Strong, Unique, And Noteworthy In Its Own Right Fans Of Nalo Hopkinson Works Like Brown Girl In The Ring And The Short Story Collection Skin Folk Will Cherish This Brilliant Collection Paul Goat Allen