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Si uno necesita entender las reglas del Reino de los Cielos, es necesario comprender los dichos de Jes s Las par bolas encierran muchas de sus expresiones directas el autor nos muestra una visi n como la tendria un contemporaneo de Jesus al oir la anecdota de boca del Maestro.If one needs to understand the rules of the Kingdom of Heaven, we must understand the sayings of Jesus The parables contain many of his direct expressions, the author shows us a vision as a contemporary of Jesus would have heard the anecdote of the Teacher s mouth [Download Ebook] ♾ Die Gleichnisse Jesu ☪ In This Text, Joachim Jeremias Explores The Variety Of Ways Of Interpreting The Parables Of Jesus, Including Their Translation The Way Different Audiences Altered The Parables Jesus Told The Role Of The New Testament Writers In Shaping Their Telling Of The Parables He Also Provides A Thematic Discussion Of The Theological Messages Contained Within The Parables A classic, now surpassed in many points but still well worth reading and, for the preacher, owning. If you enjoy the literary criticism form of interpretation you may enjoy this book It has been very influential and is therefore an important read However, I found it to neglect too much of the actual text. It looks like it will have some good insights, but it s a little too erudite for me, especially at this time in my life, when after every sentence of reading I am interrupted with, Mooooooom Aaron s touching me So I may try this at a later time in life. The Parables of Jesus by Joachim Jeremias 1972 REVIEW AND CRITIQUE Jeremias, Joachim The Parables of Jesus Translated by S H Hooke Rev ed New York Charles Scribner s Sons, 1972.The Parables of Jesus was an attempt by Jeremias to recover the original significance of the parables, proposing that the parables of Jesus had undergone a certain amount of reinterpretation and allegorical treatment as early as the first decade after the death of Jesus.Jeremias sought to excise the elements of embellishment, expansion, and allegorization based on his own reconstruction of the Palestinian background and the general message of Jesus preaching The original parables per Jeremias s historical reconstruction serves to compel Jesus s hearers to come to a decision about his person and mission 230 , communicating the exceptional sense of eschatological urgency Jeremias paid special attention to Mark 4 10 12, and attributed the riddle like features of Jesus parables to the early Christians special idea that the mystery of the truth was intended to be concealed from the outsiders.Critiques This is another example how the twentieth century scholarship loves to do the unnecessary surgery on the biblical tradition based on a low view of Scripture and speculative assumptions of the historical teaching of Jesus The church interprets Jesus s general teahcing in lights of all the data preserved about him, but the historical critical method interprets the data in light of the only teaching that they deem historically plausible by their own reason Jeremias s assumption that the purpose of parable must be to illuminate not to obscure is arbitrary, and he fails to take into account of the theological context of Jesus s using of parables in delivering his message If the idea of concealing the Gospel mystery was not originated from Jesus and the OT, Jeremias would be held responsible to give adetailed explanation why such kind of unique idea would be accepted by the early Christian church. Though dry, Jeremias is very good The most interesting aspect of his work to me was his attempt to infer the original Aramaic of the parables The principle of this may be explicated by example Assume, for instance, that an English original has disappeared Only translations of it exist Some of these translations mention something being burnable, other mention the same thing as being unburnable Given the ambiguity of the English word inflammable , one may presume that this was the word used in the original text.