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Jed Mercurio has made a second career out of exposing the details of his first.The British author trained as a medical doctor at Birmingham University and worked at various hospitals in the West Midlands before tapping his experiences for two BBC television dramas and now his first novel, Bodies This terse, gut wrenching account of what goes on at a large English hospital follows an idealistic junior doctor from his first jittery IV to his exhausted disillusionment at the realization that medicine, contrary to what ER would have us believe, is just another industry Resign yourself to the fact that those attending to you are probably not kindly, all knowing and infallible doctors but under trained, over stressed, sleep deprived functionaries of a vast bureaucracy beset with as much incompetence, internal bureaucratic wrangling and hair raising blunders as any other business The only diference is that lives are constantly at stake Mercurio is excellent at conveying the tremendous pressure average doctors are under ABC Always be chasing the head doctor warns the novel s hero on his first days on the job, as we follow him on endless rounds of hall walking from department to department, attempting to assure that every diagnostic on every chart is attended to The details are endless Mercurio almost physically conveyes the high octane attention required over fifteen to twenty hour shifts, where the slightest fudge in detail can result in medical disaster his failure to ask for a blood gasses test result in an elderly patient s embolism At one point we find him collapsed against a wall in a darkened side room, literally crying with exhaustion and realizing he hasn t showered in two days.He goes on to work another shift.The strain translates into mistakes A woman with misdiagnosed diabetes winds up drooling in a wheelchair Another boy with a dislocated shoulder loses most of the use of his arm,and his doctor is frankly unapologetic about it The narrator, out to make a difference and guilt ridden over his own missteps, attempts to take action and winds up suspended As the narrator becomes distanced from his girlfriend and his colleagues in the softer professions, he s increasingly drawn into the tightly knit and closed cabal of the medical community Mercurio is especially adept at showing how the medical community eats its own The extreme demands on their expertise coupled with the horrors what they routinely witness gradually distance them from the 9 to five crowd, and eventually they seek solace amongsth themselves Mecurio suggests that an evening with a doctor will have you scratching your head at their incomprehensible vocabulary or throwing up in your mouth a little So doctors can add isolation to their list of complaints.The narrator is left at the end with a tentative offer to come back to the hospital, and we get the sense that rage against the system may only be another rite of passage for those working in the overburdened world of medicine Mercurio balances his righteous concern for the state of health care with an admirable account of what it is to be an actual, fallible doctor Readers who are considering entering the profession by forewarned You might think twice about medical school. [[ E-pub ]] ⇧ Bodies ↲ A Darkly Powerful And Blackly Funny Expos Of The Horrors Of Life As A Junior Doctor, From The BAFTA Award Winning Creator Of Bodyguard And Line Of Duty Funny, Readable, Galling, Painful And Terrifying In All The Right Places GuardianInside Every Hospital Exists A World No Outsider Is Allowed To See A Storm Of Malpractice, Corruption, Sex, Drink And Drop Dead ExhaustionBut For First Day Junior Doctors, Their Initiation Into This World The Killing Season Is About To BeginA Whistle Blowing Despatch From The Frontlines Of Hospital Life, Jed Mercurio S Bodies Takes Us On A Nerve Jangling Journey Through One Junior Doctor S Loss Of Innocence, And His Desperate, Dangerous Attempts To Right His And His Colleagues Wrongs This was a very bleak read, unputdownable though, with flashes of black humour In one way it is very unbalanced, there is no mention of the hundreds of patients he treated who must have got better and gone home, but for anyone who has worked within the NHS there is so much that is recognisable it s scary. Jed Mercurio is a very successful writer, therefore II feel this is a very difficult book on which to give my opinion The bones of the tale were without a doubt based on the writers own experiences as a very junior doctor ,and as such are very scary stories I worked as a nurse in a large Glasgow hospital and other NHS facilities for over 40 years,and although mistakes are made I was never aware of the level of incompetence described in this book Perhaps Mercurio was just unlucky or worked in a very bad hospital That said, this was a very well written book with strangely enough a great deal humour.I did like the style of of writing, but the sex scenes were a tad explicit and graphic and I was never sure if our young hero was boasting or complaining. I was disappointed in some ways by this book which read like an autobiography I know it was based on the author s experience but despite a glossary at the end, it was difficult to follow many of the medical procedures The concept of referring to patients by nickname or illness worked in terms of depersonalisation but the point was driven home with a sledgehammer The affair with a nurse was cynical and clinical even when it became obvious that the couple were in love, and the redemptive ending stretched the bounds of belief too far However, the point about hospitals fears of litigation and the politics of medical practice were well made and chilling. This was a gripping read, and almost read as if much if it was true, it felt as if many of the situations described were very real It s a novel about covering up medical mistakes, the ethics of whistleblowing and the difficulties of reconciling personal conscience with professional relationships There was also a lot about the main character s sexual relationships, and I felt that the book would have been better without so much of this detail The tales of a newly qualified House Officer, the novel begins with the misdiagnosis of a Pulmonary Embolism and ends with a whistleblowing on the staggering mistakes and cover ups in an NHS hospital.A disturbingly, viscerally real, text which is a dark answer to Dr Findlay s Casebook , Bodies is well worth the read, even if Mercurio s bleak outlook can be depressing. The Medical World prior to Bristol Paed Heart Surgery problem and Pre Dr Shipman When whistleblowing was just not done A frightening secretive world full of cover ups lies One of best medical book ever read, very real Awesome read just so uncomfortably true to real life.