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Esta historia de terror es buenis ma y cumple su cometido al 100% Su buscas un libro juvenil original y que s te cause alg n escalofr o est es la mejor opci n Novedoso y muy bien llevado, con buenos personajes y una trama super intensa que te va desvelando misterios que te dejan con la boca abierta. I wouldn t classify myself as a fan of scary things I ve been afraid of the dark for as long as I can remember, yes, I am still afraid of the dark I do not like scary movies, I happened to watch It, the movie based on the novel of the same title by Steven King, when I was in elementary school, I don t think I slept for weeks, and I still haven t been able to watch the movie again So, when I grabbed a copy of the Devouring by Simon Holt and read the synopsis, I have to admit I was a little scared to read it And it was scary freaky suspenseful But besides that it was a great novel Yes, me scardy girl, enjoyed reading a horror novel I can t really compare it to any other novels of that nature, but I can say that I thought the plot was wonderfully crafted The whole concept of the Vours was masterful I hope I don t run in to any of those things on Sorry Night.I also appreciated the fact that the novel kept the gruesome elements to a minimum Instead of being overkill the few mentions where actually an enhancement to the tale I m eagerly waiting to begin the next novel in this series YA Horror isn t in the same league with Adult Horror, so I m not going to try and compare apples to carpet cleaner There s no point.This was a really good teen horror story I wish I had been able to read it when I was younger, because I m sure it would have been one of my favorites.The breakdown of the story is that a girl and her best friend who happen to love all things scary , get their hands on an old journal that they believe to be someone s idea of a joke Maybe the first draft of a novel they were writing According to this book there are evil spirits who can enter and take over your body one night a year, if you are frightened enough So in the tradition of Bloody Mary, they call the spirits up as a joke Except they aren t scared Unfortunately, the girl s little brother is in the houseand he is terrified.To adults who have been weaned on Stephen King, there is nothing here that they probably haven t seen a million times before But to those new to the genre Brrrrrr. Nothing says creepy like a possessed kid Especially one that you love.This is a trilogy, so the ending has a conclusion, but you know nothing is really over for those poor kids.Good stuff It s well written, and I was chewing my nails even though I guessed the probable outcome I d recommend it for teens looking for a spooky read, or adults looking for Horror Lite. Normally I do not dig horror books.This is not totally true, I went through a brief John Saul phase in Jr High school I don t really dig gore and being scared out of my skin, but this book is very good.What s good about it is the main character is extremely brave She faces up to her fears to help save her brother She isn t some wussy girl who needs to be rescued You don t really get enough of that in books, I think. OH MY GOOOOOOOSH,,,, I LOVE IT This book is amazing It got me hanging in every word and the description was so vivid that got me terrified with every nightmare.The vours are simply terrifying things that can get you if you get scary enough They take your body and send your soul to a terrible place.The worse part is that nobody knows that you are missing because your body is still there, but not your soul.I get goose bumps just thinking about it.The best scary book ever The Plot Bloody fantastic Its was what first got my attention well, the second actually, the first was this amazing cover LoL and it got me hooked to it till the cliffhanging end I can t say enough of how I enjoy its twists and totally new monsters that creeps the shadows looking for worm bodies to take over I can only imagine what twist mind would come up with such monsters It s got to be wonderfully twisted LoL The Characters Reggie is this addicted to scary stories and loves to feel the adrenaline that invades the body the minute you get scared out of your skin She is brave, way too brave for her own good Her brother is the one I related the most, I guess it s because you have the same unreasonable fear of clowns LoL Sorry, but, the person that said that they were funny have a mindtwisted then mine And mine mind is way twisted, believe me.The Writing Is in third person not much my taste but it s written in a way that I can still see trough Reggie s eyes I simply love the way that the writer describes the sounds and the fear and I could almost feel the cold bit my skin in the snow and listen to the baby s sound in the silent ,,well,, you ve got the idea Describes things very well without being boring.Considerations The scary books never really got my attention and the books I ve read in the past was from Stephen king and I really like it, but never give much chance for this genre of literature,, until The Devouring This book made me fall in love, twisted and creepy love LoLJust one thing that I think is a miss,, so romance, no kissing, no noting I think it could had beenof that in it I m a romantic after all LoLThis is me waiting to read the next book in the series If you don t learn how to be scared, you ll never really learn how to be brave What a fun little creepy story surprise I wasn t sure what I was getting in to I didn t read the book write up, I just check the cover and a few friend reviews and I was in I love reading horror so I was excited to give it a try Reggie is just your average girl she loves horror stories her little brother She s a fill in mom after their mom left She stumbles on a journal style story completely on accident The story describes a scary night for the kids and about Vours and fears and how they are tied together Little did Reggie know that the same night she was challenging her fear of spiders, her brother was challenging his fear of the dark and the story he d read Little did Reggie know the change that would happen and all they would go through all because of fear and the book.It was creepy and interesting and a quick fun read |READ EPUB ☳ The Devouring ♨ When Reggie Finds An Old Journal And Reads About The Vours, Supernatural Creatures Who Feast On Fear And Attack On The Eve Of The Winter Solstice, She Assumes They Are Just The Musings Of Some Lunatic Author But Soon, They Become A Terrifying Reality When She Begins To Suspect That Her Timid Younger Brother Might Be One Of Their VictimsRisking Her Life And Her Sanity, Reggie Enters A Living Nightmare To Save The People She Loves Can She Devour Own Her Fears Before They Devour Her Bone Chilling, Terrifying, Thrilling What Are You Waiting For Reggie is a horror fan she figures reading all those scary books and watching all those scary movies is a sort of preparation for the real thing, real fear But for Reggie, real fear is just arachnophobia for example, something real she can name So when she stumbles upon a mysterious journal detailing the horrors of certain demonic beings called Vours that take over human bodies, she dismisses it as a work of fiction But she can t deny the strange coincidence of her little brother Henry acting very strangely and after Sorry Night, the only time that Vours can invade bodies And when Henry s behavior becomeserratic and destructive, Reggie realizes that she had no idea what real fear was before because now, she s living it.The Devouring is a suspenseful paranormal novel with elements of horror Its strongest point is by far its unique plot, which I found exciting, original, and unpredictable with its combination of mystery, familiar problems, and all encompassing fear The characters, on the other hand, are a bit hard to connect with, even Reggie with her fierce determination She was a little too easily blinded by cute popular boys and seemed to be spooked easily despite her claims to have conquered her fears Another problem I have was that I often felt removed from the story despite vivid and horrifying details because it felt so unreal Part of this is due to how fast paced The Devouring is Reggie had to adapt, almost too quickly sometimes it seemed, to each new situation I am a little disappointed, because thought The Devouring would ve been better, but it is still an interesting read with a scientific twist to fear.Fans of Peeps and The Midnighters trilogy, both by Scott Westerfeld, and The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong will likely enjoy this intriguing read.reposted from This review can also be found on my blog Buddy read with Amy CW general scary scenes and abandonment by a parentThis is another reread finally finishing a series that I m taking part in And, I am really glad that this book lived up to the hype I put in my brain This isn t a popular series In fact, only three of my friends have read and rated this book Crazy, right The Devouring follows a broken family Reggie is in high school and has to fill the role her mother had before she left the family Her father is a workaholic and she had a little brother, Henry She goes to school, cooks, cleans, takes care of her brother, and also works at a bookstore At her job, she finds a weird journal with an insane story about Sorry Night.Sorry Night is when the Vours can come into human bodies Vours are demonic beings that make people live their worst fears.Reggie doesn t take the story seriously until she has to.I read this book wayyy back in high school and I remember really enjoying it Enough that I found and bought all three books I don t remember reading the whole series, but I must have since they re all rated by me on Goodreads.It was a funny and creepy book I loved reading it in the mornings while I drink my coffee When I had to leave for practicum or work, I couldn t wait until the next morning so I could pick it right back up The story was fun The characters were great And I can t wait to rediscover where the rest of the books take me. 3.5 stars It was fun to read but I would have like this muchif I d been at least 10 years younger I don t have a lot to say about this book to be honest Some scenes in the book are really trying to gross you out and I wonder if anything will happen with Aaron.It was good enough to make me want to find out what s next.