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3,5 rounded to 3 starsThis is my first book by Josh Lanyon Mostly I enjoyed his writing style, BUT the first half of the book was too slow paced for my taste Don t get me wrong, I love to play detective, suspect them ALL, find new clues, but the romance played such a little part in this.So this story had a lot of mystery, a serial killer, a terrifying crimes game and some unexpected hot scenes The problem is I m not really fond of this kind of broken relationships, when the men meet again after a long time here 17 months, but still I m wondering why didn t Tucker tried to contact Elliot until now and realize they still have unsolved things and feelings and well start all over again I know I might be alone in this, but I wasn t satisfied at all by the lack of action between Elliot and Tucker most of the book The last chapters were hot and full of action I was happy they found their way to each other I ve seen many of my friends loved this book I, on the other hand, can t say I loved it I liked it, but didn t get to love it.I already bought the next book and plan on reading it soon Maybe Elliot and Tucker will surprise me . Please don t slam a corkscrew into my throat, ladies Oh, and could you drop that penknife That anvil you re about to use to drown me Honestly, it ll ruin your back And I did like Fair Game I really did It s another decent formulaic mystery romance by Lanyon I don t mean formulaic in a bad way here It s great to know what to expect, and does Lanyon ever disappoint However, compared to the Adrien English series, Fair Game didn t make much of an impression on me That would have been spectacular anyway, because I cried my heart out and then some because of Adrien and Jake Adrien s wittiness really brought out the best in Lanyon, but wasn t nearly as prominent in this story I only remember a few humorous moments That may have something to do with the fact that it took a while for Fair Game to pick up steam and get intense The mystery never actually captures me in Lanyon s books it s simply not thrilling or peculiar enough But it does offer a perfect backdrop for a budding romance And Lanyon writes love scenes so tenderly that I persistently call them love scenes instead of sex scenes He infuses them with all these delicate little details, and by doing so brings alive his characters Because of this I regret that Tucker entered the scene a little too late for me to emotionally connect to him And although Lanyon made sure to give Elliot a bad knee the equivalent of Adrien s dodgy heart to make me as a reader care about his recovery and misfortune immediately, he lacked the dry and sarcastic humor of Adrien, his vulnerability and quirkiness..heck, even his obnoxious mother It s all right I don t think my ereader would survive anytears leaking onto it anyway. Read Epub ☨ Fair Game ♺ Alternate Cover Edition Of ASIN BUSA Crippling Knee Injury Forced Elliot Mills To Trade In His FBI Badge For Dusty Chalkboards And Bored College Students Now A History Professor At Puget Sound University, The Former Agent Has Put His Old Life Behind Him But It Seems His Old Life Isn T Finished With HimA Young Man Has Gone Missing From Campus And As A Favor To A Family Friend, Elliot Agrees To Do A Little Sniffing Around His Investigations Bring Him Face To Face With His Former Lover, Tucker Lance, The Special Agent Handling The CaseThings Ended Badly With Tucker, And Neither Man Is Ready To Back Down On The Fight That Drove Them Apart But They Have To Figure Out A Way To Move Beyond Their Past And Work Together As Men Go Missing And Elliot Becomes The Target In A Killer S Obsessive Game, Words If you even try to die, I ll kill you myselfHello Readers How do I not love this book after this This book was the perfect cocktail.It had,my personal favourite,two very hot hunks.One of them,a wounded hero.Drama.Suspense.Sexual tension.Action.Romance What else do you want Grab it and just sit back and enjoyNow,the story It starts with a vibrating cell phone.Elliot Mills is a newly appointed professor of Puget Sound university.Newly appointed because 17 months ago,he used to be a hotshot FBI special agent,damn good at his job.But that s a life which he had to leave behind him Why Because he sustained a crippling knee injury I ll leave out the details for you to find out Not ready to accept a desk job,he left FBI and now is a professor.Anyway,now coming back to that vibrating cell phone,it was a call from his father.A young man,son of a local rich,influential lawyer who is also Elliot s father s friend,has been missing for weeks.A bright and serious student,he s not the type to take off.But the possibility of foul play is small too.The parents had called in both the police and the FBI.But not getting any satisfactory results,they ask Elliot s father to enlist Elliot s expertise.He agrees to help,ignoring his gut feeling that this one was going to turn ugly.And so..THE GAMES BEGIN Soon he finds out that the agent in charge of the case is Tucker Lance,his ex lover.For 17 months,Elliot had tried to convince himself that they were nothingthan fuck buddies.But when the games will turn dangerous and Elliot s very life will be at stake,will they be able to leave their past arguments behind and realize that what they have is farprecious than anything elseA million questions were chasing around Elliot s fogged brain, but none of them seemedimportant compared to the astonished delight of finding himself alive, mostly unhurt and in Tucker s arms I want that I don t think a week goes by I don t dream aboutit The way it feels to move inside you The way your body grabs on like tight velvet The sounds you make, like having me inside you is the best thing that ever happened to youSo,who is this person obsessed with Elliot Will all this bring Tucker and Elliot closer to each other As always,you have to read this to find out DDon t let s ask for the moon We have the starsThat s all for now,Readers.Ta Ta Written February 14, 20144 1 2 Impressed Stars comfortable and moderately slow, stylish, well written, thrilling exciting, funny, thought out and also so tender cute romantic finallyAll cynics are disappointed idealists Thestars in the eyes, the harder the fallThis was my first attempt..or venture with a M M novel by Josh Lanyon A lot of friends here have been telling me that JL s books are so very good I d big hopesAnd they are met This was a wonderful blend of crime drama and romance Every word and sentence was a pleasure to read, so well written and fantastically well done My friends are so right, this is good stuff This author is a genuine literary writing pen, or perhaps, keyboard master, in my humble POV.I m very impressed Elliot Mills is a former FBI agent who after a shooting incident and a badly damaged knee, had to change career and take up his old skills and now instead is Professor Mills in History Elliot is bitter man and has constant pain but then one day ask his father him..his father is Roland Mills, the well known former professor with a fondness for 1960s and 1970s century liberal, red, protesters period a very interersing character loved him too , to help some old friends in the search for their missing adult, but young, son Elliot can t resist the temptation to do a little investigative work and the story kicks off Pretty soon he faces his former lover or maybe we should say fuck buddy , the impressive red headed FBI agent Tucker Lance Their relationship ended in a bitter disaster right after Elliot s severe gunshot wound, almost two years earlier Tucker is not that very happy and delighted to see and meet Elliot again Emotions run, it s bitterness and hurt feelings, but these two men have to hold back and both of them can keep a straight face alright But Elliot is shaken and wondering what went wrong, and his feelings are still there The mystery also increases when another young poor student disappears shortly thereafter The nasty crim drama, and maybe even a revitalized love drama, must be resolved And it is very urgent Tucker strod in, bigger than life That s how Tucker always seemed bigger than life Just walking into a room he seemed to fill it, while at the same time empting it of half the oxygen Elliot had never known anyone who took upmetaphysical real estate than Special Agent Tucker Lance as Tucker kissed him with those warm, almost tender lips He closed his eyes, gave himself to the sweetness of the kiss The crime mystery here was thrilling and really good, not too bloody, but all the time awfully exciting and not too predictable I have read lots of crime police crime fiction and regarding that part of this book, I feel that Fair Game carries a really good class with a light hearted, entertaining style And the romance part was even better These men are gorgeous Their banters and fuss, to begin with, is so much fun to follow And that first kiss, their first tentative softened feelings for each other, their cautious expressed thoughts and words so incredibly beautiful to experience and Tucker is a hot read headed huge sexy man Yummy You Fair Game is a one POV told story and in this case it was an excellent solution I laughed often high over Elliot s own thoughts Self Irony is always fun and refreshing He s not a super hero but a character to empathize with and for If you even try to die, I ll kill you myself, As I started. Well written, thrilling, romantic and so very amusing done I wantof these lovely both tender and tough men and I will certainly readby Josh Lanyon Recommended to all crime romance M M lovers I LIKE a perfectly good crime romance A friend Elizabetta told me that she heard it will be a second part..or sequel and muchabout this lovely lovebirds, Professor Elliot Mills and the FBI agent Tucker Lance, in the fall Looking forward to grab that one. Officially a Josh Lanyon fan I know, I am late to the party I can t believe I enjoy mysteries that much How about adding a little bitromance next time, Mr Lanyon heheRead this, you won t regret it. THIS WAS AMAZING A M A Z I N G 5 HUGE AWESOME STARS I THINK I FOUND MYSELF A NEW FAVORITE AUTHOR AND I KNOW I LL BE READING HIS OTHER BOOKS ASAP HONESTLY I WISH THIS COULD BE A FIRST BOOK IN THE SERIES BECAUSE I WOULD GIVE ANYTHING TO SEE WHAT WOULD BE GOING ON LATER WITH THEM MUCHO SPOILERS AHEAD ABOUT THE STORY..A young man has gone missing at the campus, so Elliot is asked to look into it as a favor from his father because he used to be an FBI agent But because of the injury he got on the line of duty he had to trade his badge for teaching college student.When he left the job he also left somebody behind, his former lower Tucker But Tucker is the one that is handling the case.OH MY GOD OMG OMG 17 MONTHS 17 MONTHS OF NOTHING AND THEN WHAM Elliot is still blaming Tucker for not being there for himTucker holds a grudge because Elliot shut down from him.they HATE each other.but they have never talked about why everything fell apartOne of the best anticipation of their kiss and their talk ever And when Tucker kissed him OMG THE BEST I loved it that Elliot snapped out of it That he didn t forget, and that he couldn t believe that Tucker would just like that continue like nothing happened I liked it that he was pissed Elliot never stopped loving him, he still craved for Tucker and him being again next to him, just brought all the memories back.ELLIOT I LOVE YOU I SERIOUSLY DO YOU ARE AMAZING AND IF YOU EVER SWITCH TEAMS I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT I LL BE WAITING FOR YOU.This is my Elliot so HANDS OFF LADIES SO BACK TO THE STORY.Elliots interfering made him a target, the killer wants to play cat and mouse with him and stupid Elliot later encourages him.But Tucker saves him and sparks fly I MEAN REALLY SPARKS FLEW BEST KISS EVER THE EARTH MOVED THEY DROPPED IN THE MUD HIS JEANS WERE WET THEY WERE IN LIFE THREATENING SITUATION HE WAS INJUREDTheir mouths met It seemed natural, inevitable Tucker s lips felt exactly the way Elliot remembered, tasted exactly as he remembered For such a hard man, Tucker had a sweet, lush mouth.Suddenly he wanted craved Tucker like he d wanted nothing in his life before he felt famished for the taste of him, like he could never again get enough of him The hot velvet of Tucker s lips had fastened on Elliot s throat and he was sucking him, marking him His knee was killing him, was not going to support him for much longer, but of far greater importance seemed the erection shoving against the constriction of his jeans Biological imperative. So many things unspoken between them so when they finally had THE TALK yes I actually shed a tear because I was pissed it took them so long and then to have the possibility for it to be too late So heartbreaking to read how they felt, what they thought because even then they did not communicate about the problemSeriously if Tucker didn t reached for him and made him stop thinking how late it is for this conversation I think that would be the end of me And then the way Tucker talked to him OMG HUGE SPOILER HUGE I DON T HAVE THE STRENGTH TO HIDE IT BECAUSE IT IS BEAUTIFULYeah Elliot murmured What I want, really want, is to be fucked I want you to fuck me Oh God, Tucker muttered I want that I don t think a week goes by I don t dream about it The way it feels to move inside you The way your body grabs on like tight velvet The sounds you make, like having me inside you is the best thing that ever happened to you Elliot moaned in response to that dark, seductive voice His cock went stiffer still Yeah, like that, Tucker breathed hotly against his ear Just like that The way you spread yourself, spread your legs so that I can get at you and push so deepI love them both Loved the story There was anticipation for everything I loved how it was written I wasn t bored at any time and I liked how the story build up slowly THIS IS A MUST READ This section of the review is entitledElliot Mills, you giant sack of poo Elliot, buddy, I mean it sincerely when I say I love you but if you say there s nothing but sex and Nissans between you Tucker onetime, I m planning on borrowing the nearest penis making violent love to him myself You ask yourself, how the hell could you be homesick for a place that had never been homeUm, cause you love him Cause he was your home Maybe DUR You seem to come to your senses by the end of the novel, but I ve got my eye on you, butt munch Seriously, though, I lurve you And ease up on all the Civil War music that cannot possibly be healthy for anyone.This section is entitledTucker Lance, I want to climb your horny gingerness like a howler monkey You make my down belows sparkle That s pretty much it.To both boysCommunication is not just for cry baby pee pants any, ok That s right, adults do it too Listen to teacher now.Elliot, you should learn by watching Tucker He may be a tough FBI agent who sucks all the air of any room he enters with his utter ginger hotness , but he s clearly willing to open up and share his feelings with you Even if it takes another near death incident and about 75% of the book for him to do it view spoiler Fer Chist s sake, Tucker even says I love you and your response is There seems to be a lot of that going around This is very sweet, but use your words, Elliot hide spoiler It was dark I d know you in the dark, Tucker Tucker s eyes flashed up to meet Elliot s He said curtly Yeah I d know you too Well, I ve found another M M author to obssess with and lucky me, he has a TON of books Fair Game was my first, but I think it was a good choice because I absolutely loved itAnd he missed Tucker He d been missing him for seventeen months Even though he d told himself that there had been nothing between them but sex and the profession they both loved he still missed him, still felt like a huge chunk of his life had been ripped out by the same bullet that put him out of a jobThe storyElliot Mills, a retired FBI agent, now working as a professor, is asked to investigate the disappearance of a young man who went missing three weeks ago Everyone but the boy s parents think he ran away or committed suicide Everyone, including the FBI and his former lover, now in charge of the case, Tucker Lance That leads to some problems, considering they broke up in not so good terms, and can t stand each other now.As the days go by, Elliot discoversandsome things that the FBI missed, and when another guy goes missing, he knows it has to be connected.Elliot and Tucker have to work together again, and it just dredges up some old emotions and regrets , along with having fights again DBut when the kidnapper focuses on Elliot and starts a psycho game with him, it doesn t look good for anyoneIt s worth finding out Tucker was still looking at him, his expression unreadable Elliot heard the echo of his words For some reason it suddenly felt like they were talking about something entirely different Sometimes you already know the answer Sometimes it s just not worth the botherWell, the beginning really was a bit slow, but I understand that, the case was building and it was all about the investigation.But you know, I really didn t care that much about the case I just wanted to readabout Elliot and Lance, wanted to know what happened between them all those months ago, what was the reason for their break up and how are they going to get back together again Who cares about the missing guys, right Well, even as I told myself that I don t really care, I was wondering about it ALL THE FREAKING TIME Everyone was suspicious The writer dude neighbour was suspicious The president of the university was suspicious That chick obsessed with Elliot was suspicious The professor guy was suspicious The friggin janitor was suspicious The guy who dated the first missing guy was suspicious I may have missed a few characters but they were still all suspicious There were a few freaky, scary scenes, and then there were those with Elliot Tucker, OMG how I loved every minute they spent together in this book Just have to say one thing I LOVE the way the case went You know, usually when there s a case of kidnapping or disappearance, there is a search and it s all gloomy until right at the end they find the person and it s all happy mushy perfect ending for everyone NOT here I think this isrealistic, and was surprised by how it all turned out, and I love it Just awesomeHe turned his head and Tucker s big hand landed ungracefully on his shoulder, drawing him back as his warm mouth landed on Elliot s.For an astonished moment Elliot was aware of nothing but the feel of Tucker s hard, insistent lips on his, the almost desperate pressure, the taste, the scent, the disturbing reality of Tucker s desire.The sudden unbearable sweetness of it made his breath catch and his eyes sting Turned his guts to liquid with furious longing for that touch that touch and no otherElliotHe was shot in the knee while working on a case, and instead of a new desk job at the FBI, he chose to be a professor in the university his father used to work at.He still hasn t gotten used to his new life, with constant pain, and without excitement He misses the thrill of the chase, working on cases and all that goes with it, so when he s asked to look into the disappearance of a young man from his college, he can t really say no.He s good at his job well, was , and soon he finds clues that lead to believe the two disappearances are connected But Lance doesn t believe it When Elliot s life gets in danger, he starts to take him seriously, and the chase for the kidnapper murderer begins Elliot still has feelings for Tucker, and is very angry at him for the way they split upIt wouldn t be so bad if he wasn t so conscious of the warm weight of Tucker s arm, the hard strength of his torso and flank pressed up against Elliot s body if he wasn t conscious of how much he wanted Tucker s arm around himElliot was great The story is completely from his POV, so we get to see a lot of how his mind works, and his feelings for Tucker I felt really bad for him all the way through, mostly because I had no idea what happened and I only knew his version of things The other thing I loved, their relationship back then, it was something that was really starting, not an undying love that was tragically broken or anything It all felt real, and that was awesome Elliot wasn t a perfect man, he also made some mistakes where their relationship was involved, and I like that Made him themhuman I loved his reaction to their first kiss after all that time, even though it was so tough to read, them fighting, but he did the right thingTucker strode in, bigger than life That s how Tucker always seemed bigger than life Just walking into a room he seemed to fill it, while at the same time emptying it of half the oxygenTuckerHe s an FBI agent, not very good with people skills, and tends to go with the easiest solution, at least where this case was involved It kind of bugged me, the way he insisted there was nothing there, and it took something very serious to change his mind I just got that not very good at his job vibe there He is angry at Elliot for some reason, and doesn t think that the break up was only his faultTucker embraced him with something close to ferocity Elliot went with it He hugged Tucker back, resting his face in the damp curve of Tucker s neck and collar Tucker s hard, muscular arms were wrapped so tight around him he could barely catch his breath He could feel Tucker s heart slamming against his chest or maybe that was his own heartbeatThere s the thing about a book with only one POV I really, really wanted to seeof Tucker, find outabout him The whole time, their break up was torturing my sanity, I wanted to know what it was, why it happened, everything I love the way he reacted in the shooting, OMG I felt bad for both of them I could tell that he still had feelings for Elliot, and I wanted them back together Then came THE TALK OMG it just broke my heart Two stubborn men Gah But later on Just loved, loved, loved them 3Suddenly he wanted craved Tucker like he d wanted nothing in his life before His hands slid into the softness of Tucker s hair and he tried to drag his head up to taste his mouth again, he felt famished for the taste of him, like he could never again get enough of himRoland Mills I jut loved that guy Don t know why, there weren t many scenes with him in the book, but I don t know, I just adore him D Kind of reminds me of Indiana Jones and his dad ahahahahahahConclusion Loved it Totally I think I ve said maybe too much anyway ahahahaha I just know that this was my first of many books I ll read from Josh Lanyon Elliot was injured in the line of duty which took him out of his job He was offered a desk job but couldn t bare doing the job he loved behind a desk He s now a professor at PSU teaching history He likes his job He s not in love with it, but he enjoys it enough He s kind of a loner He s closed himself off since his injury He interacts with his neighbor he kind of forces himself on Elliot and his father but that s about it He doesn t attend any of the schools functions He always has an excuse to skip out But when a boy from his college goes missing and just happens to be the son of one his fathers close friends, he is thrown back into the world of his old job when he s asked as a favor to look into the disappearance The lead on the investigation just happens to be his ex lover Tucker AWKARD Things are tense and both men seem to be pretty angry at the other for how things ended It took a while for things to cool down between them, but once it did they worked really well together Eventually old feelings that never went away for either rears its head and soon the men are picking up where their relationship left off I liked that these guys had issues to work out and just didn t fall into bed It was a bit of a slow burn romance with a strong mystery steering it along the way I liked Elliot and Tucker together They had great chemistry in and outta the bed.The mystery is really good in this JL has a great way of making you feel like your part of the case But I would be a crap detective because I was completely in the dark most of the book about who the killer was LOL The suspense and mystery is good as it always is with a JL book This author does good mysteries I m a sucker for these types of books and that is why JL is an auto buy for me Highly recommend this one for those who enjoy a great mystery and doesn t mind the romance being on the side.